Test result of “How to draw 3D Ladder tutorial”

Gilgamesh   March 4, 2016   Comments Off on Test result of “How to draw 3D Ladder tutorial”
Here is my test result of drawing 3D Ladder.

It was interesting experience. But beware, if you have bad eye like, then you might not notice any different and think it as normal 2d ladder picture…..

I already give up, and decided to take picture & video because I promise everyone to upload my result.

But I received a good surprise because it was in 3d when I re–watch it on my phone.

Here some pictures.

1-Normal state before you apply any mind trick .


2-And Here picture from different angle.

I guess it”s power of mind tricks?

And here final result from many different angles

So, thanks god I didn’t end with some kind of abomination picture.

Clean image for future reference.

Feel free to use it at your convenience.


Here link for How to Draw 3D Ladder tutorial


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