How to draw anime character: Android 18

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How to draw anime character: Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z and Super:
Today tutorials will be about Drawing anime character “Android 18” from Dragon Ball Z and Super, also known as Lazuli (Razuri). I hope every one enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1:  Draw egg shaped head: Like usual, we start by drawing base of the head. Then, drawing egg-shaped to show the guidelines for of actual shape of the head.


Step 2: Sketch face features outlines: Draw  the horizontal and vertical lines of the head.


300 per day

Step 3: Draw eye guideline: To make your life later easier.

00003 00004

Step 4: Draw ear guideline


Step 5: Draw the body guideline

00006 00008


Now we are done with body guideline, Let’s start drawing Android 18 outlines.

Note: Guideline are just guideline, they are  here to help you, they are not 100% iron rule you need to follow no matter what happened. They are here to make your life easier, not harder.

How to draw anime character part 2: Android 18 body Lineart:

Step 1: Draw the jawline


Step 2: Draw the ear


Step 3: Draw the mouth and noise


Step 4: Draw her eye


Note: Though some people might like here DBZ eye more ( her eye as villain instead of kind mother)

a00005 dbz

Step 5: Draw the hair


Step 6: Clean it by erasing some part of her eye and eyebrow

a00006 cleana00006 clean dbz

Step 7: Draw the neck


Step 8: Finally, draw the body



Final Look:

a00010 a00011

Android 18  character summary:

when she was still a human, She and her brother, Android 17, were forcibly turned into cyborg by Dr.Gero to serve his vengeance against Son Goku because he destroyed the entire of Red Reborn army by himself. She start as Enemy character because she was program to kill Goku. In one alternative time line, Android 18 and her brother Android 17, almost wipe out the entire human race because before been destroy by Trunks. But in this time, Dr.Gero was force to active them early because of Trunk butterfly effect. So, instead of killing everyone like machine till they fight Goku, They decide to have fan and enjoying Journey along side Android 16 till they reach Goku. Android 17 and Android 18 didn’t kill any of Z fighter they defeated in this time, unlike Trunk time line where they killed anyone they defeated. Probably because Dr.Gero didn’t have enough time to program them to be killer machine.

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