How to Draw Frills

Gilgamesh   March 10, 2016   Comments Off on How to Draw Frills
How to Draw Frills step by step:

Frill are often used in manga and anime when they want to draw a cute dress, customs, or other any fashions styles. It might look hard at the beginning, but once you learn How to Draw Frills step by step, it become very easy to draw them.



Step 0: It is good idea to start by first by drawing guideline to show exactly where  the frill are going to go.


Step 1: First we start by drawing zigzag(squiggly) line for our base frill line.


Step2: Draw line in lower covered part of the frill.


Step 3:  Draw upper part of zigzag line.


Step 4: Connect line in between them.


Step 5: As last Touch, add some line at top part for folds impression.


Final look.

For people who like video tutorial more then picture tutorial, here good video tutorial from YouTube, it explain how to draw frill (ruffles) in  three different ways.

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