Konosuba: How to draw Megumin

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Megumin is one of the main female characters of  “Konosuba: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!”. She has an advance class job unlike kazuma;  An Archwizard class, though because she is from the famous Crimson Mazoku, she has chuunibyou (Middle school disease) like the rest of her Crimson Mazoku clan.

And despite being an archwizard, she can only cast one spell,  the high level “Explosion” spell, and only once a day. But her burst damage output is higher than most other mages, and she can often resolve any problem with single “Explosion” spell.

How to draw anime character: Megumin

Part 1: Guideline:

Step 1:  Draw egg shaped head.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin 0000001

Step 2: Draw eye position guideline.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin 0000002


Step 3: Then draw eye guideline.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin 0000003

Step 4: Draw neck guideline.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin 0000004


Step 5:  Draw the body guideline.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin 0000005

Extra Touch

Step 6:  Draw eye patch guideline.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin 0000006


Step 7: Draw witch hat guideline.

anime drawings Konosuba Megumin witch hat 0000009

And with that, we are done drawing Megumin Guideline.

Note: For some reason, My friend tries to draw pretty and clean guideline, because they are like that in all online tutorials he read or saw. Most tutorials do that because it’s easier to understand what going on with a clean guideline, but in reality, not many people draw clean guideline.

300 per day

Part 2: Drawing Megumin Outlines

Step 1:  Draw her chin.

megumin 0001


Step 2: Draw the mouth.

megumin 0002

Step 3: Draw the neck.

megumin 0003


Step 4: Draw her Eye.

megumin 0004

Step 5: Next Draw the eye iris.

megumin 0005

Step 6: Draw eyebrow.

megumin 0006

Step 7: Draw the eye patch.

megumin 0007


Step 8: Draw any sign you like on her eye patch.

megumin 0008

megumin 0009

(Note: Think of snow man with scarf while looking at second picture. What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen.)


Step 9: Draw her front hair.

megumin 0010


Step 10: clean it by erasing few part from her eye and eyepatch.

megumin 0011

Step 11: Draw her head hair.

megumin 0012


Step 12: Draw her side hair.

megumin 0013


Step 13: Draw her back hair.

megumin 0014

Step 14: draw her neck collar and clean it.

megumin 0015

megumin 0016

Step 15: Draw her robe.

megumin 0017

Step 16: Draw her cloth.

megumin 0018

Step 17: Draw witch hat line.

megumin 0019

Step18: Draw another lower line and clean it.

megumin 0021


Step 19: Continue draw witch hat.

megumin 0022

Step 20: Draw her hat mouth??

megumin 0023

Step 21: Draw the rest of her witch hat.

megumin 0024


Step 22: Draw the eye button of her hat.

megumin 0025



megumin 0026

megumin 0027

If you haven’t watch Konosuba yet, then what are you waiting for?!

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