How to draw Sasuke Uchiha face

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Here you will learn how to draw Sasuke Uchiha face from Naruto anime.  And let’s stop wasting our time and start drawing Sasuke face step by step.

Anime Drawings Tutorial: How to draw Sasuke Uchiha

Part 1: Guideline:

Step 1: Start by drawing oval shape head.

sasuke a 00001

Step 2: Fast sketch his neck, nose and mouth

sasuke a 00002

Step 3: Draw his eye guide line

sasuke a 00003

Step 4: Next draw his eye

sasuke a 00004

Step 5: Now draw his eyebrow

sasuke a 00005

Step 6:And finally, Konoha head plate, or should I say Forehead Protector?

sasuke a 00006


Now we are readying to draw his face outline.

sasuke a 00007

Part 2: How to draw Sasuke Uchiha face outline.

Step 1: Draw his chin.

sasuke b 00001



Step 2: Draw his nose.

sasuke b 00002

Note: For now, we will ignore his mouth.

Step 3: Draw his neck.

sasuke b 00003

Step 4: Draw Sasuke eye.

sasuke b 00004

Step 5: Draw his eye iris.

sasuke b 00005

Step 6: Draw the eyebrow, though you don’t need to draw past his Forehead Protector because you will erase them in next step.

sasuke b 00006


Step 7:  Draw Sasuke Forehead Protector and clean it.

sasuke b 00007sasuke b 00008

Note: You don’t need to draw far right neither far left because his hair will cover them.


Step 8: Draw Sasuke front hair.

sasuke b 00009

300 per day

Step 9: Clean it by erasing few part from his eye and  Forehead Protector

sasuke b 00010sasuke b 00011

Step 10: Before start drawing his back hair, sketch this line to make your life easier.

sasuke b 00012

Step 11: Start drawing his back hair from top.

sasuke b 00013

Step 12: Continue drawing his hair.

sasuke b 00014


Step 13: Draw the rest of his hair (the part behind his neck).

sasuke b 000015

Finally the mouth. Which is most easy way to show face expression without changing to much of your artwork.

For example: Do like to draw Sasuke with mocking smile?


sasuke b 00016


Or since he is Sasuke, You might want to draw him in emo expression.

sasuke b 00017

You can even give him cute look with funny mouth shape.

sasuke b 00021

Though He might be little angry at you….

sasuke b 00024

Sasuke Uchiha summary: He is one of the last surviving men of Uchiha clan from Konoha Village. After his big brother, Itachi, slaughtered their whole family and clan members, Sasuke vow to get his family vengeance no matter what the cost. He joined Team 7 upon graduation from ninja academy, through competition and rivalry with his best moron friend, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke starts developing his skills and personality. Dissatisfied with his progress, causing him to defect from Konoha village to Orochimaru side so that he can acquire the strength he needed to have his vengeance against Itachi even if he have to kill Naruto, at least that what Sasuke want to believe. His years of training under Orochimaru while seeking vengeance become increasingly demanding and irrational and isolates him from his Konoha village comrades and friends, leading him to become an international criminal. After his great help and efficient act in ending the Fourth Shinobi World War and being redeemed by Naruto, Sasuke finally decides to return home(Konoha Village) to rebuild his clan and dedicate his life helping to protect his home village and its inhabitants.

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