How to draw Shikamaru face

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If you want to learn “How to Draw Shikamaru face”, then, the first thing you should do is drawings his face Guideline to make it 1000% easier when we start the anime drawing part of Shikamaru face.

Today Tutorial: How to Draw Shikamaru Nara From Naruto.

part 1: How to draw Shikamaru face Guideline.

Step 1: Start by drawing cross guide line and egg shape head.

Shikamaru a 000001

Step 2: Draw mouth position guideline

Shikamaru a 000002

Step 3: Draw his neck guideline.

Shikamaru a 000003

Step 4:  Draw his eye guideline

Shikamaru a 000004

Step 5: Draw his left eye guideline.

Shikamaru a 000005

Note: Hm? It’s the right eye? Look at mirror, then, point at your own left eye and you will have your answer.

Step 6: Draw his closed right eye guideline.

Shikamaru a 000006

Step 7: Draw his ear guideline.

Shikamaru a 000007

Step 8: Draw Shikamaru front hair guideline.

Shikamaru a 000008

Step 9: Finally, draw Shikamaru spiky hair  guideline.

Shikamaru a 000009

Note: Yes, it look like circle for now.

Note 2: Guideline just guideline,  they are not 100% iron rule you need to follow. They are here to make your life easier not harder.


Part 2: Anime drawings: Shikamaru face

Step 1: Start by drawing his chin.

Shikamaru b 000001

Step 2: draw his neck.

Shikamaru b 000002

Step 3: draw his mouth.

Shikamaru b 000003

Step 4:  Draw his nose.

Shikamaru b 000004

Step 5:  Draw Shikamaru left eye.

Shikamaru b 000005

Step 6: Draw the eye iris.

Shikamaru b 000006

Step 7: Draw his closed right eye.

Shikamaru b 000007

Step 8: Draw the eyebrow.

Shikamaru b 000008

Step 9: Draw both of his ears.

Shikamaru b 000009

Step 10: Draw Shikamaru front hair while following his front hair guideline.

Shikamaru b 000010

Step 11:  Draw back of his head.

Shikamaru b 000011

Step 12: Lastly, draw his spiky hair.


Shikamaru b 000012

Completed work:

Shikamaru b 000013

Might as well give him some cloth.

Shikamaru b 000014

Shikamaru b 000015

Shikamaru Nara character summary: He is a shinobi of Konoha Village Nara Clan. Though lazy and love to sleep like Naruto, he is an inclination to do as little work as possible. Shikamaru has a high intellect that consistently allows him to lead other to win in combat. Although Shikamaru calls himself as “the number one coward”, he has a strong moral compass, he know when to fight and when to run away. Shikamaru undergoes a quick maturity after the death of Asuma Sarutobi, his teacher, whose death forces Shikamaru to recognize that the world is not a safe place, and if he wants to protect future generation, he have to do it with his own hand. At the end of Naruto anime, he becomes Naruto(7th Hokage) Adviser

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