Dagashi Kashi: How to Draw Hotaru Shidare

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Today tutorial will be about how to draw Hotaru Shidare, Dagashi Kashi main heroine. I hope everyone enjoy this anime drawings tutorial.

How To Draw Anime Character: Hotaru Shidare


part one: Character guideline.

Step 1: Draw oval shape head.

Hotaru Shidare a 00001

Step 2: Draw the eye guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00002

Step 3: Sketch Hotaru eye.

Hotaru Shidare a 00003

Step 4: Draw Hotaru ear guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00004

Step 5:  Sketch Hotaru body guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00005

Step 6: Sketch the hand guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00006

Step 7: Continue sketching her hand guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00007

Step 8: Re-draw Hotaru body guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00008

Step 9: Sketch the “frills” guideline.

Hotaru Shidare a 00009

Note: Before we start drawing Hotaru outline, make sure to check “How to draw frills” tutorial, especially if you never draw them before.


Part 2: Drawing Hotaru Shidare:

Step 1: Start by drawing Hotaru chin.

Hotaru Shidare b 00001

Step 2: Draw her nose.

Hotaru Shidare b 00002

Step 3: Draw the mouth.

Hotaru Shidare b 00003

Step 4: Draw Hotaru right ear.

Hotaru Shidare b 00004

Step 5: Draw her neck.

Hotaru Shidare b 00005

Step 6: Draw the eye.

Hotaru Shidare b 00006

Step 7: Draw her eye iris.

Hotaru Shidare b 00007

Step 8: Draw the eyebrow.

Hotaru Shidare b 00008

Step 9: Draw Hotaru front hair and clean it.

Hotaru Shidare b 00009 Hotaru Shidare b 00010 clean

Step 10: Draw Hotaru Ahoge. Well, it’s not really Ahoge, but it’s better to draw it by itself like normal Ahoge.

Hotaru Shidare b 00011

Step 11: Draw the side hair.

Hotaru Shidare b 00012

Step 12: Normally, I’ll clean it like this:

Hotaru Shidare b 00013 clean

But anime physics is not same as real life physics. For this anime art style, her eye will not be covered with her hair; It will just have a lower tone.

Like this:

Hotaru Shidare b 00014

Step 13:  Draw Hotaru headpiece.

Hotaru Shidare b 00015

Step 14: Draw her back hair.

Hotaru Shidare b 00016

Step 15: Add her headpiece flower if you want to.

Hotaru Shidare b 00017

Step 16: Start drawing her cloth

Hotaru Shidare b 00018

Step 17: Continue drawing her cloth.

Hotaru Shidare b 00019

Step 18: Draw her shirt button.

Hotaru Shidare b 00020

Step 19: Start drawing her frills like we already learn in frills tutorial.

Hotaru Shidare b 00021 Hotaru Shidare b 00023 Hotaru Shidare b 00022

Step 20: Continue drawing the rest of her chest area.

Hotaru Shidare b 00024

Step 21: Draw Hotaru right arm.

Hotaru Shidare b 00025

Step 22: Draw the frill.

Hotaru Shidare b 00026

Step 23: Continue drawing her arm.

Hotaru Shidare b 00027

Step 24: Next, draw her left arm.

Hotaru Shidare b 00028

Step 25: And her fingers.

Hotaru Shidare b 00029

Step 26:  Finally, Draw her skirt.

Hotaru Shidare b 00030

Completed work:

Hotaru Shidare b 00031


Shidare Hotaru character summary: She is an eccentric and passionate girl who is in love with sweets and snacks. Her father owns one of world best and most famous sweets company. Because she will inherit her father company in future, she desires to make it the number one sweets company in the whole world.

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