Tai kamiya: How to Draw Taichi from digimon

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Today we will learn How to draw anime character Tai Kamiya “also known as Taichi Yagami” from Digimon Adventure Tri. He is the main character of Digimon Adventure and the group leader.

Anime drawings tutorials:

Step 1: Draw egg shape head.

a 000001

Step 2:  Draw his eye guideline.

a 000002

Step 3: Sketch the Eye.

a 000003

Step 4: Sketch his nose and mouth.

a 000004

Step 5: Sketch his ear.

a 000005

Step 6: Sketch Taichi neck.

a 000006

Step 7: Sketch his body.

a 000007

a 000009

Note 2: Guideline just guideline,  they are not 100% iron rule you need to follow. They are here to make your life easier not harder.

Let’s start “drawing step by step” the outline tutorial.

Part 2: Drawing Tai kamiya face Outline.

Step 1: Draw his lower face (chin).

b 000001

Step 2: Draw his mouth.

b 000002

Step 3: Draw his nose.

b 000003

Step 4: Draw Taichi Eye.

b 000004

Step 5: Draw his eye iris.

b 000005

Step 6: Draw the eyebrow.

b 000006

Step 7: Draw his front hair.

b 000007

Step 8: Clean it by erasing few parts from his eye and eyebrow.

b 000008

Step 9: Draw his back hair.

b 000009

Step 10: Draw his ear.

b 000010

Step 11: Draw his neck.

b 000011

Step 12: Drawing his cloth.

b 000012

Clean version:

b 000013

I always find it funny how just changing anime character mouth direction can change his entire face expression, Yes, eyebrow and eye help too.But that obvious.

b 000014

Extra Step for people who like to draw Taichi wearing his goggles (Not Google).

b 000016

Step 13:  Draw his goggles and clean it.

b 000017b 000018

Step 14: Draw smiling expression

b 000019

Though is he genuinely smiling?

b 000020


Tai Kamiya character summary:  Also know as “Taichi Yagami“, he is the leader of the DigiDestined (Chosen Children) in Digimon Adventure and Tri.

Tai is the older brother to fellow DigiDestined Yagami Hikari(Kari Kamiya) and can be super extremely protective of her, just like how Yamato(Matt) is withTakeru(t.K). Taichi wears a pair of goggles, a symbol that is shared among of the main characters of other Digimon anime adaptations except one person. And it is synonymous with leadership in the Digimon franchise as a whole.

When he was young, he often acts first without realizing the consequences of his actions, this has led him to moments of friction and guilt between his friends, as well as his Digimon partner Agumon. However, he manages to do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation, and in times of need, save friends and family from certain doom.

But after he grows up, he starts to think first before he act, because his action can affect a lot of people life, not just his own. In Tri, everyone wants to fight and defeat Alphamon except him, because he doesn’t know why they are fighting. Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? He doesn’t know.

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