How to draw a face: Normal face guideline

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Today tutorial will be about how to draw a face guidelines. Yes, yes, I know. You want to learn how to draw your favorite anime faces, not standard face drawing. But, by learning how to draw normal face guideline, it will help you a lot when you start drawing faces of your favorite anime character.

Whatever that anime character have ridiculous big eyeimpossible pose, or eye position and even impossible physics ,etc.

Let’s start.


How to draw face guideline:

1- Drawing face: From the Front:

Step 1:  Draw circle:

front face 00001


Step 2: Draw cross line.

front face 00002


Step 3: Draw the chin.

front face 00003


Step 4: Draw the mouth.

front face 00004


Step 5: Draw the ear.

front face 00005


Step 6: Draw eye guideline.

front face 00006


Step 7: Next, draw the eye.

front face 00007


Step 8: Draw the iris. It might be easier just to draw a circle and then clean it.

front face 00009


Step 9: Draw the nose.

front face 00010


Step 10: Draw his head.

Circle shape head:

front face 00011

Oval-circle shape:

front face 00013


Complete look:

front face 00012

front face 00014


2- Drawing faces: From the side:

Step 1: Like usual, start with drawing a circle:

side face 00001


Step 2: Draw the cross line.

side face 00002


Step 3: Face drawing. Start from near the eye until the end of the chin.

side face 00003

side face 00004

side face 00005


Step 4: Draw the head.

side face 00006

side face 00007


Step 5: Draw the neck.

side face 00008


Step 6: Draw the ear.

side face 00009


Step 7: Draw the eye.

side face 00010


Step 8: Draw the nose.

side face 00011


Step 9: Draw the mouth.

side face 00012


Complete look:

side face 00013

3- Drawing faces: From back of the head:

Step 1: Again, start by draw a circle.

back of head 00001


Step 2: Draw a single line. No need to draw cross lines,  a single line is more then enough for the back of the head.

back of head 00002


Step 3: Start drawing his chin.

back of head 00004


Step 4: Draw the neck.

back of head 00005


Step 5: Clean it.

back of head 00006 clean


Step 6: Draw the ear.

back of head 00007


Step 7: Clean it too.

back of head 00008


Step 8: Add extra features to the ear.

back of head 00009


Step 9: Draw the head.

back of head 00010


Final look:

back of head 00011


Or step nine again for those who like drawing faces with oval shape:

Step 9: Draw oval-circle shape head.

back of head 00012 oval


Final look:

back of head 00013

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