Konosuba: How to draw Aqua

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Today we will learn how to draw Aqua from Konosuba anime. She is one of anime characters top beauty as long as she keep her mouth shut. Though on the other hand, her personality makes Kazuma life lively, a lot lively then it should be…  Though Kazuma himself is not an innocent person.

How to Draw Aqua from Konosuba: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


Anime Drawings tutorial Part 1: Sketching the body lines

Step 1: Draw Oval shape head by drawing a circle, and then, Draw the face.

Konosuba Aqua 000001

Note: You draw the Middle guideline to let you know where is the right and left side of the face.

Konosuba Aqua 000002


Step 2: Sketch Aqua body shape.

Konosuba Aqua 000003

Note: It helps you to know where is Aqua body should be to make your life easier. For example, You don’t need to continue drawing Aqua back hair beyond her body sketch because you will erase it later.

Anime Drawings tutorial Part 2: Face outline.

Step 1: Draw Aqua Eye, Eyebrow, Mouth, and nose outline.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua face 00001


Step 2: Draw her Front Hair.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua face 00002


Step 3: Draw Aqua Side hair.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua face 00003


Step 4: Draw her back hair outline.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua face 00004


Step 5: Continue Drawing her hair.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua face 00005


Step 6: Draw Aqua chin.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua face 00006

With that, we are done drawings Aqua Face, let’s start drawing her Body.

Anime Drawings Part 3: Body outline.

Step 1: Draw her neck and upper cloth.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua body 00001

Note: Make sure to clean her cloth. Aqua Front hair should be in front of her cloth.


.Step 2: Draw Aqua chest and stomach outline.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua body 00002


Step 11: Draw her arm

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua body 00003


Step 12: Finally, clean your picture.

Konosuba: How to draw Aqua body 00004

Aqua look downright cute when she is not talking or eating by a frog.


Bonus: Extra facial expressions

Konosuba: Aqua facial expression 00001

Konosuba: Aqua facial expression 00002

Troll Face

Konosuba: Aqua facial expression 00003


Aqua (アクア) Character Summary: She is one female protagonist of the KonoSuba anime series. Before moving in Fantasy World, she was a Goddess of water who guided humans in the afterlife, worshiped by the Axis Cult. But because she annoy Kazuma Because of her arrogance and laughing at his miserable death, Kazuma chooses Aqua as the only thing he can choose to come with him to the other world. Aqua try to refuse, but another Goddess then appears and says that she will take her place, much to Aqua’s shock and dismay. And because of that, she is forced to join Kazuma party as Arch Priest till he completes his mission by defeating the Evil King. A mission Kazuma has zero inserting in fulfilling.

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