Boku no Hero Academia: How to draw Bakugou

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Today tutorial: we will learn how to draw Katsuki Bakugou (aka Kacchan) face from the anime “Boku no Hero Academia ( My Hero Academia )”.  He is the Main Character Midoriya Izuku childhood friend and main rival.

How to draw anime character: Katsuki Bakugou Boku no Hero Academia.


Step 1: Draw egg shape head by drawing a circle.

How to draw Bakugou 00001

And then Draw his chin.

How to draw Bakugou 00002

Step 2: Draw Katsuki ear guideline.

How to draw Bakugou 00003

Step 3: Draw his body guidelines.

How to draw Bakugou 00004

With that done, let’s start drawing Katsuki Bakugou actual face outline.

Step 1: Draw his smiling mouth and nose.

How to draw Bakugou 00005

Note: You can use any mouth shape you want to change his facial expression, I will add more examples at the end.

Step 2: Draw the eyes.

How to draw Bakugou 00006

Step 3: Draw his eyebrow and add an extra touch to make him look angrier.

How to draw Bakugou 00007

Step 4: Draw Katsuki Front Hair.

How to draw Bakugou 00008

Step 5; Next, Draw his back hair.

How to draw Bakugou 00009

Step 6: Clean Bakugou face and then draw his neck.

How to draw Bakugou 00011

Step 7: Start drawing his cloth.

How to draw Bakugou 00012

Step 8: Draw both of his arm.

How to draw Bakugou 00013

Step 9: Clean your picture.

How to draw Bakugou 00014

 Step 10: Extra face expressions:

Boku no Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugou face expressions 01

Boku no Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugou face expressions 02

Boku no Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugou face expressions 03


Katsuki Bakugou Character Summary: He have crude and aggressive personality and like to pick a fight against everyone in front of him. He is brutal and bloodthirsty, yet, know when to hold back. While he is fighting, he has eerily and scary smiles on his face. In battle, his personality show in his fighting style. His brutish way of fighting is shown through the Battle; He fight mercilessly yet always think two step ahead of his enemy.

Katsuki Bakugou and Midoriya Izuku are actually childhood friends, and like to call each other by a nickname instead of their real name. Though for some reason, Bakugou starts bullying him after awakening his power.

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