Dragon Ball Super: How to draw Hit

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Today tutorial will be about drawing Hit from Dragon Ball Super, a new Dragon Ball anime. He is the legendary assassin and the strongest warrior from Universe 6. His first appearance was in Universe 6 Vs Universe 7 tournament arc.

Anime drawings tutorials: How to draw Hit from Dragon Ball Super


Step 1: Draw egg shape head.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00001


Step 2: Draw his body skeleton guidelines

Dragon ball Super Hit 00002


Step 3: Draw Hit body guidelines.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00003

Note: He has a massive body.


Note 2: Guideline are just guidelines, they are here to help you, not to rule you. They are not 100% iron rules you need to follow no matter what, they are here to make our life easier not harder.

Step 4: Draw his chin and neck.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00004


Step 5: Draw his eyes.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00005


Step 6: Draw Hit eyebrow…. Alien eyebrow.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00006


Step 7: Draw the iris.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00007


Step 8: Draw two lines under his eyes.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00008


Step 9: Draw the nose and mouth.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00009


Step 10: Draw the head.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00010


Step 11: Draw his ears.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00011


Step 12: Draw his collar and while at it, extra touch to his neck.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00012


Step 13: Draw his body.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00013


Step 14: Draw his chest muscles.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00014


Step 15: Draw his Arms muscles.

Dragon ball Super Hit 00015


Step 16: Finished Work

Dragon ball Super Hit 00016


Extra face expression:

Dragon Ball Super Hit 00018


Hit Character Summary: He is a  new character from Dragon Ball Super. Hit is of an unknown race that lives in Sixth Universe. In all of his past assassinations, he never failed even once to complete his mission. Hit was selected by Vados to be part of Universe Sixth Team in order to challenge Universe Seventh Team in the Gods of Destruction Universe tournament. In return for joining Sixth Universe Team, Hit is promised one of  Champa traveling cube if his Team wins the tournament. On the day of the tournament, Hit enters the Nameless Planet alongside his fellow fighters: Cabba(a Saiyans from the Sixth universe), Frost (A member of Frieza clan from the Sixth universe), Botamo, and Magetta. Hit passes the written exam required to participate in the tournament. When it’s time for tournament to begin, he is not interested in the matches, as he sits back with his eyes closed and arms crossed during the first match between Goku and Botamo. Because no one shows that he own enough power worthy of his attention till Vegeta used Super Saiyans Blue. But even Vegeta lost to his time-travel technique.

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