How to Draw Emilia from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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Today tutorials will be about “how to draw Emilia“, the main heroine of the anime “Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu”. Emilia is a beautiful Half-Elf Half-human with long silver(white) hair and purple-blue eye. She wears a white and purple outfit along with a white flower in her hair. Throughout the series, she has styled her hair in a variety of ways including twin tails.

She is good matured girl with pure heart and likes to take care of others peoples, though She herself refuses to admit it, instead thinking of it as her selfishness(tsundere). She is indifferent to her appearance, leaving Pack to take care of her clothes and hair who have good taste. Because her appearance is similar to the Witch of Envy, Emilia has received unfair discrimination from others. She sometimes acts like a child and is unacquainted with the world as she used to live in the woods with other Elves, though despite this she still works hard to become a good queen.

How to Draw anime characters: Emilia


Step 1: Draw the head guidelines.

rezero Emilia re zero 0001

Note: First thing first, start by drawing your character guidelines, they don’t need to be perfect, just a few sketch is more than enough. After all, guidelines are just guidelines; They are here to help us, not to obstruct us. They will help you to know where each body part should be.


Step 2: Draw Emilia eyes and eyebrow.

rezero Emilia re zero 0002


Step 3: Draw her mouth, nose, chin, and neck.

rezero Emilia re zero 0003


Step 4: Draw the front hair.

rezero Emilia re zero 0004


Step 5: Continue drawing Emilia hair.

rezero Emilia re zero 0005


Step 6: Draw the tiara.

rezero Emilia re zero 0006

Step 7: Start drawing her body.

rezero Emilia re zero 0007


Step 8: Draw Emilia cloth (chest, waist and bust area).

rezero Emilia re zero 0008


Step 9: Add an extra touch to Emilia body.

rezero Emilia re zero 0009


Step 10: Draw her hands.

rezero Emilia re zero 0010


Step 11: Draw Her legs.

rezero Emilia re zero 0011


Step 12: Finally, draw her back hair,

rezero Emilia re zero 0012

Step 13: Finished Work.

rezero Emilia re zero 0013


Extra Face expression 1:

rezero Emilia re zero 0014


Extra 2:

rezero Emilia re zero 0016

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