Dragon Ball Super: Black Goku

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Today tutorial will be about drawing Black, a new antagonist character from Dragon Ball Super. Black have same look and voice as Goku. Bulma called him Black Goku because of his cloth color. Black is the new antagonist from the anime Dragon Ball Super. He shows up for the first time in Future Trunks timeline. He works alongside Zamasu to achieve their goal Which is to erase all mortals from the whole universe. But it is something hard to do with God of Destruction. That why Black search for a timeline where is Lord Beerus already dead. And he finally manages to find one in Future Trunks timeline, which opens the gate of hell once more in the Earth planet.

Dragon Ball Super: How to Draw Black


Step 1: Like usual, start by drawing egg shape head.

Drawing Black from Dragon Ball Super 01

Note: click on the pictures for higher quality version.

Step 2: Second, Draw the character body guidelines.


Note: Again,  It doesn’t need to look pretty or perfect because it’s just a guidelines, you will erase it later. But it is to imagine your character pose with it.


Step 3: Draw Black chin, neck and ear.



Step 4: Continue drawing his eye, eyebrow, nose and mouth



Step 5: Add an extra line to his face to increases the impact of Black sarcasm smile.



Step 6:  Draw Black front hair.



Step 7: Continue drawing his back hair.


Note: Yeah, it’s same as Son Goku hair. He even has the same look as Son Goku Since he is Son Goku.

Step 8: Now draw both of his Arm.



Step 9: Start drawing his cloth.



Step 10: Add extra lines to Black body to show up his muscles and while at it, add additional lines to his cloth.




Step 11: Next, draw his belt and the rest of his cloth.



Step 12: Draw Black legs.



Step 13: Finally, Draw his feet.



The color version.


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