How to Draw Kirito from Sword Art Online

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Today tutorial will be about Kirito “Kirigaya Kazuto”, the Main Character of Sword Art Online. True to be told, I was plan on drawing Sinon first, but since he is the MC and not because someone bought me Coffe for free, I decided on my own to draw Kirito first.


Sword Art Online: How to Draw Kirito


Step 1: Start by sketching egg shape head.



Step 2: Next, Sketch Kirito body guidelines.


Note: It doesn’t need to be perfect, it is just a guidelines.


Let ‘s start drawing Kirito face:

Step 3: Start by drawing his jaw and ears.



Step 4: Next, draw the mouth and nose.



Step 5: Now, draw Kirito eye and eyebrow.



Step 6: Start drawing his front hair.



Step 7: Continue drawing his back and clean it by erasing some part from his eye and ear.


Second Part: Drawing the body.

Step 8: Draw Kirito neck, top of his shirt and jacket collar.


Note: Again, make sure you clean any part you need before you continue.


Step 9: Continue drawing the rest of his Jacket.



Step 10: Draw his arms, gloves, and hands.



Step 11: Now, draw his belt.



Step 12: Draw both of his legs.



Step 13: And Finally, draw the shoes.




Step 14: While at it, add additional lines to his jacket and pants to make it look like his anime version instead of general cloth.



Step 15: Almost forget about the back of his jacket…



Finished work:



Extra: Here is Kirito picture with GGO hair style.


And speed painting picture of him.


Though I didn’t have enough time to add shadow nor to clean it…


Character Summary: Kirigaya Kazuto, also known as Kirito, is the protagonist of the Sword Art Online anime, manga, and light novels series. Kirito was one of lucky one thousand chosen to be beta testers for the closed beta of SO (Sword Art Online), the very first VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game )for the NerveGear company. And later joined the official version of the game, So he became one of the unlucky 10,000 players who was trapped in Sword Art Online death cage. He is not good with words, but he is a man of action, that why he willingly take on the role of a Beater to reduce discrimination against other former beta testers. He even joined the front line of boss battles even if death in the game mean death in real life as well.

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