How to Draw Yami Yugi

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How to Draw Yami Yugi, the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime start with Yugi Muto, known as Yugi Mutou in the manga, having duel persona, though that change later in anime and they become two different persona. Yugi  is good at games, riddles, and puzzles, especially Duel Monsters. It was stated once that Yugi is the modern day version of Pharaoh Atem. Basically, Yami what Yugi should be if not for Yami  taking care of the darkness.

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Character summary: Yami Yugi, also known as Dark Yugi in the manga and Japanese versions, and also referred to as the Nameless Pharaoh, is the spirit of Pharaoh Atem that has remained sealed in the Millennium Puzzle. Yami is the main protagonist of the original and second series, along with Yugi Muto.

Together with Yugi he holds the title “King of Games” (King of Duelists in the new Japanese version, still King of Games in original Manga), by winning in the Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Grand Championship and Battle City V2 (in GX anime) tournaments.

After Yugi Muto had solved the Millennium Puzzle, Yami Yugi resided in Yugi’s body and would take possession of him when Yugi or his friends were in danger. After Yugi became fully aware of Yami’s existence, Yugi could voluntarily give control of his body to the Pharaoh; occasionally before one would give control to the other, they would, as souls in the mind of the one controlling Yugi’s body, converse with each other, usually about their options of what to do when in difficult situations.

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