How to Draw Darkness from Konosuba

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Today will learn how to draw Darkness, on of the main female characters of the anime: KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! She is a crusader who joins Kazuma’s party early on.
Her real name is later revealed to be Lalatina Dustiness Ford (ダスティネス・フォード・ララティーナ Dasutinesu Fōdo Raratīna?).

A tall, beautiful youthful lady, Darkness gives the look of a awesome beauty.Yet, Despite her nice appearance, she displays masochistic urges that baffle and annoy Kazuma to begin disturbing the opponents they encounter. As a result, she frequently intentionally puts herself in danger, like charging into the center of several monsters, usually prompting a clear, crisp remark by Kazuma regarding her excited reaction within an otherwise grave situation. Her masochism is quite extreme, deriving pleasure from both verbal and physical abuse, though her enjoyment sinks whether it results in public embarrassment.

Even so, she prides herself as a crusader and can act mature when necessary(lolz). Though Kazuma felt her face seemed rather cold upon first impression, she is actually very kind and caring, especially towards her allies. She can get embarrassed quickly and blush easily. She is also clumsy and a bit of a trouble maker at times.

She is also a devout Eris cultist, and shares Eris’ distaste for devils.

P.S: Watch the Video at the end for more then 100++ extra steps

How to draw anime character: Darkness

Step 1:  Start drawing Darkness jaw, neck and mouth.


Step 2: Draw her Eye and eyebrow.


Step 3: Start drawing Darkness hair.

Step 4: Continue drawing her side hair.


Step 5: Draw Darkness ponytail

Note: But there is no point in drawing all of it since we might erase them later.


Step 6: Start drawings Darkness cloth.

Note: Don’t forget to clean it.


Step 7: Draw her right arm.

Note:  Darkness left, not our left.


Step 8: Continue drawing Darkness hand.


Step 9: Draw her chest.


Step 10: continue drawing her body.


Step 11: Draw Darkness skirt.


Step 12: Draw her leg.


Step 13: Finally, draw darkness left arm.

(Almost forget about it…)


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How to draw Darkness: Video Tutorial