How to Draw ANIME CINDERELLA from Disney’s Cinderella – @dramaticparrot

For this tutorial I dive again into the anime design and style and I continue to train you how to attract a Disney Princess! Significantly enjoyable! I hope you all appreciate! And of training course I generally …


45 thoughts on “How to Draw ANIME CINDERELLA from Disney’s Cinderella – @dramaticparrot

  1. Brianna Watson

    Thank you for the anime Cinderella. I was trying to draw along, but I'm horrible at proportions soo… Yeah… I hated it after I tried the bodice area.

  2. Harpreet Singh

    Hey percy ! Its me , diana. You are doing such a good work. Thanks alot for helping us to draw. May you live longer and longer so you can teach us more. Once again thankyou very much.

  3. blo

    Percy I I'm soooooo in luv with ur drawings because of u I can draw vry better I hav seen many tutorials on utube but it is only u who I can understand 😊 I just luv ur expectations thanxxxxxx may god bless u 😊 can u plz draw some more anime characters pllllllllzzzzzz.

  4. Kristine Daft

    I know its kinda late to ask a question, and a random question too but…………..have you ever been embarrassed by a picture you have drawn?

  5. Ellie Horan

    hey percy!!! i just wanted to say that i am so thankful to you!! at first, when i hadn't watched any of your videos, i was not able to draw an ordinary face,…… but , by watching your tutorials and practicing, i am able to draw portraits of real people!!!! i mean that it is so kind of you that you teach us how to draw. people say that i have improved a lot… and ask me who taught me such drawing…….and i just say thanks to dramatic parrot!!! again, THANK U SO MUCH 😀

  6. Lis Huerta

    Hi I love u thanks to u i learned how to draw i cant thank u enough!!!!! 😘😘😍😍

    Oooohh can u do an anime ariel please!!! 😋😋😧

  7. jawwsh

    That's not really Anime, not a traditional Anime styling anyway; what you drew falls more into Manga style than Anime style. But I still loved the video 😛

  8. Lils Booker

    I love your videos so much. I was wondering if you could make a couple tutorials. Sorry if there are to many. Lilo, Eugene, Pascal, Horse from tangeled (forgot name), Wreck it Ralph, Agnes, and anything lion king. Thank you keep up the great work.

  9. Cheesy Bagel

    You're A true inspiration to me, you're so talented in art and pretty. and now I know I want to go to college for art. and also can you maybe draw Mulan?

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