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So I received definitely influenced by preceding anime/manga that I’ve read through and look at and decided to attract my tale figures in the manga/anime way.
Yeah I know its not that good, haha I’m not the most effective when it arrives to drawing. I need to have more exercise and insane exercise on shading, sorry I tried out >_< Anyways I'm was so happy that "To Be, or Not To Be... In Love Part V" was number one on the exchange. but sadly my dream was true for only a short period of time since the next day I saw this story was back down to the next page of 50 stories. And a legacy is #1 again.... ohh SHOCKER! D:< Either the people that down rated me dislike me/my story, or their just jealous, or both. I try to stay optimistic though so I'm gonna say its the second thought. Hey good news is that I'm gonna post the next part this week so maybe my story will be number one again *crosses fingers and prays* ... tis a wishful thinking ^_^ Thankfully Simpedia has invited me to have my story up on their site, so hopefully I won't have to deal with the exchange. I feel bad to say I've never heard of that site before but I really am flattered with their invitation, I won't post it here because that would just make me look like I'm bragging... ohh what the heck I know I'd be curious if someone told me this, so I'll tell you that the invitation is in my sims 2 guestbook. thesims2.ea.com/mysimpage/pod.php?user_id=239178 Subject of their signing is "I Have An Offer"

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