Zelda X Link Twilight Kiss Doujinshi

Please Read ^^ All right here’s a different zelink doujinshi Again I do not very own everything but the video clip ^^ Songs : Sanctuary/ Enthusiasm Songs Box Ver. be sure to continue to be tune …

36 thoughts on “Zelda X Link Twilight Kiss Doujinshi

  1. Aubrey Oates

    its funny. I was reading a doujinshi for Kingdom Hearts and the music was Midna's Theme. Now I'm reading Zelda doujinshi and the music is Sanctuary.

  2. KentoKaima

    I don't even know what's going on and this was cute & romantic.I have to remember to look up this Zelink beauty when I learn Japanese.It'd be great if I could find some english Zelink doujinshi though.

  3. HolsetyLevin17

    even though i was born in Japan but i only lived there for about the first three years of my life before moving to the United States so i had a hard time reading the kanji symbols due to having multiple meanings. however i can read the hiragana in this doujinshi. that's why whenever i read mangas the hiraganas is right beside the kanji symbols.

  4. Skillspow3r

    Oh my gosh once you got to the 2nd story it got OkWaRD as heck like I was literally saw link and Zelda fitting like a loot till finally when Zelda gave link her bracelet it got DARK AND SEXY

  5. Ana Cruz !

    Words can not explain how good these manga drawings are who ever drew them u r amazing xxxx and the video us awsome by the way xx

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