Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Anime Eyes

When drawing anime eyes, bear in mind that the eyes are just one of the most well known and unique attributes in that particular genre. Attract anime eyes with strategies on …


48 thoughts on “Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Anime Eyes

  1. NeeksArt

    No offense, but, that eye sucks. What kind of anime have you been watching? Anime/manga eyes can be any size, they can be slightly realistic, or really realistic. But what you drew, some sort of mix between Chibi, and cartoon.

  2. Amanda Hill

    Goodness. I hate when people are SUPER ignorant about what they're talking about. While many manga (or anime)-style artists start off with a style similar to this, many of them progress into a rounder style, although not always, not to mention that every style is unique to an artist. Also, prominent features depends on point of view, and particular style, which I stated earlier, varies from artist to artist. There are styles where eyes are small, and/or very conservative.

  3. robbie nash

    omfg, thanks to u, i have no more flaws in my anime face drawings, i can finaly draw a kick ass anime face and its all thanks to u, ur awesome

  4. huntermax04

    Out of all different types of drawing eyes this is the most basic but really nice:D
    You're really talented and keep up the good work!

  5. SI NON

    I usually darken the upper part of the eye and just a thin line bellow. I also use 2 highlights, in the pupil and a large one outside it. its more cute for. ^_^ (just sharing my idea)

  6. sana579

    I never put that fleash tone line not even on my non color pictures makes it look crapy in my oppinion

    But however I guess

  7. NightAn93l

    I don't get it why does everyone say they're drawing anime. You can't draw anime because Anime is short for animation, when people draw anime they're actually drawing manga. "Anime" is basically a "slang" term for drawing manga.

  8. japan2021

    not 4 nothing but if ur going to do eney kinda manga art do it right. yes there is many kind of eyes in manga the thing is if ur going to show how to draw manga eyes dont just show one, and do a better job of it ppl like my self that have been doing manga art for many years would say the same thing. when doing manga the eyes say what the character feels. In manga detail in the eyes are very important since its not an anime. u want the persone to know how the character feels. do the eyes right.

  9. RoseyDevlin

    @OblivionLoung i think she/he meant something else
    we all know manga is a japanese/korean comics(and some more asia countries)
    anime comes from manga(all the stories and characters) only anime is colored and its moving
    so manga is related to anime:o
    sorry if i might misunderstood wrongly^^" im not good with english as you seem

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