♥Boruto☺Doujinshi★[The most strongest Jutsu ]♥english ★HD

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42 thoughts on “♥Boruto☺Doujinshi★[The most strongest Jutsu ]♥english ★HD

  1. Keke White

    Sasuke: no, your transformation jutus is still unfinished! Complete a more more perfect jutus!
    Me to baruto: next time time transform into their wife's that would leave more damage

  2. candichan productions

    I think the whole "marry my papa" thing means more like "I love my dad so he's my number 1 guy" but in an innocent way because little kids think love = marriage but they don't see it as sexual love and because they trust their fathers they say that so the dad would be glad to hear it because he wants his daughter to stay young and innocent forever and not be defiled by some guy but idk…

  3. Jenn Qi

    Few moments later sasuke in his bed. Omg I wish I could see that again omg I wish I could see that again I hope that sarada can say that to me maybe I can ask boruto to do it again I regret saying that to boruto

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