How To Improve Your Drawing Drastically – HTB MAILBAG!

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36 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Drawing Drastically – HTB MAILBAG!

  1. Danners Yeah

    I feel like there is a point in your drawing hobby where you get to a wall. I've hit mine. Where you are starved for inspiration and feel like you are not improving. I dunno I'm still drawing everyday but I feel kind of stuck at the same skill level.

  2. Iceboy1441

    I HAVE TIPS FOR THAT BOY:1. Watch more than 100 vid. About drawing2. Draw and draw , do some techniques like other artist does3. Ask an opinion to your friends or family members4. Copy other drafts of other people, when you master that, Make your own
    So do it !!!

  3. KitKrack AniManga

    i don't like when parents tell their kid that they could be Picasso when their artwork is sucky. Don't be mean to the kid just tell them its a start. my parents told me that while i was growing up & i found out how bad my drawings really were(i was heartbroken).

  4. Shox

    How to improve your artskills? I tell You. You need study and draw everyday for minimum 2-3 hours if you want be good draftsman, 5-6 if you want to be good painter, 8-10 if you want to be a good 3d artist, and up, and up, and up. Training your skills to master level required a lot of time, really. There's no other way.

  5. Ahmed Zaied

    am not sure you will see the comment in the main show so i will re ask here , how can i exactly make the manga?? like where to put what or how to apply the darkness ?? what tools do i need?? personally so far i use coal pen to draw and am really good with it but i don't think its enough to go pro you know what i mean??

  6. Potteto

    Well, I learn drawing manga not because that I wanna be a mangaka or something like that, drawing it is part of my life so I'll just draw, I'll not ink it and using copic markers. Just a regular mechanical pencils and colouring pens. Drawing on sketchbook when I'm bored . For me, drawing doesn't mean to be perfect, even if it's unfinished, you don't have to finish it , just enjoy 🙂

  7. RossIsTastic

    Say if i wanted to make a manga but i cant draw nor write but. Can say the manga story is about were it takes place who the charecters are.there personallities and there appearance. There back stories wjo the main charecter is etc and get friends to draw and write the manga as i give the layout for each chapter how would that work like would i be condidered the mangas main creator? Would i be the one to publish? How much of the manga would i own ? Etc. Please reply

  8. Chazz vc

    poor mario has never spoke in front of a camera before xD

    This video was the most pointless video imaginable…I mean all they say is study anatomy, draw many styles.

    It would be like saying "how to improve your people skills drastically"
    step 1 look at other people talking
    step 2 talk to people
    step 3 try different styles of talking to people

    I JUST MADE A How to BAPP (people person) video!

  9. TwilightLaceDream

    I've actually read in a how to draw manga type of book from Japan called "Shojo Beat's Manga Artist Academy" that was published in English by Viz Media (the Shojo Beat part comes from Viz's shojo division and had a shojo manga magazine with this name). It had more of an emphasis of creating shojo manga, but there was one tip that said when creating your own drawing style, you can combine elements of different styles from other artists to create something unique.

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