Axel City Game Sample – PC/Doujin

Initial Air Date: September 21, 2009 Axel Town is one of the greatest Fighter Maker 2nd online games I have at any time downloaded (practically a gigabyte worthy of of COMPRESSED …

21 thoughts on “Axel City Game Sample – PC/Doujin

  1. Crash Nicker

    Since this was done in Fighter Maker 2002, you're better off downloading the LunaPort client (written for one game, working on every other :P).

  2. XRaiser0

    I kind of like the game's soul, reminds me of back when the manga market used to put out badass gritty stuff, unlike today where the majority of stuff caters to moetards or is some spin on highschool(though the latter isn't always bad). The gameplay itself looks kind of rough still and could use some polishing, not to mention some of the characters are kind of eh design wise, but this seems like it had potential to be epic.

  3. Mutant1988

    I really like the gameplay of this game. Fast and frantic. The hit detection is weird though, attacks extend far beyond the animations at times. If they fixed that, I'd actually be willing to pay money for this game.

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