Skull Leader

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Skull Leader

Robotech was profoundly influential on my childhood. It was contrary to anything I had ever experienced at the time. Not only was the story head-blowingly epic, wonderfully drawn, with touches of romance, and huge transformable mechs battling significant struggle hungry aliens… but it was the initial cartoon I had ever watched in which a character died. And not just any character but a hard, charismatic direct: Roy Fokker, AKA Skull Leader.

I know Robotech’s creation background. I know it was originally produced in Japan below the title Macross and that the 2nd and 3rd story arcs have been kit bashed collectively from two various anime series. I have never ever actually dug into it but I think there are purists out there that would poopoo me for not referring to this series as Macross. But for me, wether the enemy is Zentraedi, Masters or Invid, the show will generally be Robotech. That is how I was released to it. That is the series that influenced my adolescent impressionable self. Twenty odd decades later I sense enlivened to revisit this slice of my youth.

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