How to draw a basic cat sitting

Join us as we draw a cat sitting using basic shapes and gesturing. Great for beginning artist. We take it step by step so you won’t miss out.

43 thoughts on “How to draw a basic cat sitting

  1. HeartPaw

    Well, I could barely make the circles. But I think my problem with art is, That I cannot draw smooth and light, It's difficult due to me having a habit of pressing hardly down on my pencil. Do you have any tips on how to prevent this at all?

  2. JadeLillies

    This video made me start off really well with drawing cats, I'm trying my hardest to find the sketchbook where is first drew a cat with your instruction, this way I can redraw it.

  3. Nessy DaBunneh

    this video is amazing! it was so helpful and I'm going to practice drawing cats like this so I can paint my cats on the ukulele I'm going to make in my tech class! 😊😸

  4. Keren Hernandez

    Sorry for every bad comment but I think you theaching is amazing and I learned a lot from you and my sister didn't believe that I could draw a cat but when I saw your video i learned from you

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