How to Draw Perspective!

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45 thoughts on “How to Draw Perspective!

  1. Karin dogs

    please explain why the horizontal lines are not parralel with your light lunes that are going of to the prspective points. or could you just draw them going eg.more to to the ground direction

  2. Tamisin 731

    HOW?! He's in Photoshop right? How are his lines so straight and smooth? Has anyone else had the problem with Photoshop where no matter how steady your hand is your lines still come out like a mess?

  3. Alexandria Knox

    how do you draw 2 point perspective in Illustrator, but making a street versus a building?
    My Illustrator teacher sucks at teaching and refused to answer my question.

  4. Jessica Barrett

    I discovered your channel a couple weeks ago, and I'm glad I did. I had given up trying to learn how to draw, and because of your encouraging words on one of your videos, I've decided to keep practicing. I haven't put my pencil down besides when I work, sleep, etc. Not since I've discovered you!

  5. Fudd Nugget

    I've always wondered how artists were able to capture a scene of people from afar back in the day when they didn't have camera to capture it as is, this explains how they accomplished that with simple explanation. Thank you for explaining these methods simply, I can't believe nearly 30 years old and this was the first day i've learned about 3 point perspective. Thank you!

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