How to Draw the Head from Any Angle

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33 thoughts on “How to Draw the Head from Any Angle

  1. fancyteaspoon

    how would i translate this into a female face? i keep trying to modify the lines but no matter what i try female faces always look like women with a very masculine structure…

  2. bckkm

    I went to art school, but stopped all painting and drawing over 5 years ago. I decided I wanted to illustrate a story and realized – crap, I need to re-teach myself and practice drawing. My husband is an airbrush artist and we talk about drawing is like music. You can go at it relying on what you see (hear) or you can use techniques to help you see better and/or create a face from your head. Then like music it's practice, practice, practice. As a painting teacher of mine used to say talent is only 30%, the rest is discipline. So, thanks for the refresher.

  3. Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja!

    This channel is a gift! It is beautiful! It is exactly what I needed! I'm having trouble with my left brain and right brain arguing. Or at least that's what I've been told… I want to draw things from different angles but always end up having trouble seeing anything as a 3 dimensional object on this 2D piece of paper. Which makes it hard to draw correctly without copying a reference to a tee… References are there to refer to though not to free hand copy even though that was good practice before, for getting my hand used to using a pencil after being paperless for so long. With my graphics tablet on the way I'll be paperless and still not be weirded out by a pencil! (and have all the figurative paper I need to trash with practice sketches!) I will continue watching this series! I subbed too

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