How to Draw a Leopard [Narrated, Step by Step]


22 thoughts on “How to Draw a Leopard [Narrated, Step by Step]

  1. Desert Dweller

    Hi Mr. Crilley, Thank you for posting these videos. My children have learned so much. It's incredible how much they have improved. Wish I knew how to share their work with you.  My 10yo daughter is requesting some videos from you. I hope this is OK because it's a bit long. Here's her list: A grizzly bear, a leopard  and a lion  that are roaring,  a polar bear,  and a Siberian husky dog.  Thank you again for sharing your talents with us. As a mother I appreciate how you keep the language clean on the videos we have seen.  It is MUCH APPRECIATED!!! You have amazing talent and teaching skills. It shows in the progress my children have made.

  2. Al527

    Wow! Thank you Mr. Criley, thanks to you I have a beautiful picture of a leopard. It's a big difference from the usual junk I draw, so people are really impressed. I even bought a black prisma to really finish off the drawing. Thanks again Criley!

  3. ilikecats

    Am I the only one that HATES when people say, "I can't even draw a circle :(" BECAUSE ITS LIKE YES YOU CAN YOU IDIOT STOP LYING UUHHHrfhcwe;fiocxl/nklaevs

  4. Toby Roblox & More

    mark i know ur done on this series but a red panda is very cute and lovely and ill love for u to do one please they are endangered right now and i was wondering if u could draw it please?

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