How to Draw Skulls

Guest   August 12, 2017   49 Comments on How to Draw Skulls

Draw faces like a Pro: Download the reference files: …

49 thoughts on “How to Draw Skulls

  1. Marie amelie Forrer

    many of the tutorials you find are people who draw how they want without explaining the basics, which is completely useless unless you only want to draw one thing in one way. I really liked how precise and clear you were, you didn't skip any part and the last part was amazing as you showed the many possibilities that your technique can do.
    amazing! thank you so much!

  2. Madame Yupanqui

    I don't if you can take requests or I don't if you've already made one but can you do a tutorial on drawing
    anatomy for animals plz ☺☺☺
    and this video was very helpful

  3. spectacious

    thanks for creating such awesome, fun and inspiring videos!

    each time I feel lonely I would power my computer and start watching some off your videos, thank you for being my favorite youtuber!

  4. Cornelia S.

    Just tried to draw the frontal skull. First one looks like he was in an horrible accident 😣, but the second one is not too bad already. Thanks a lot for this tutorial, helped a lot!

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