How to Draw the Neck & Shoulders (Male)

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40 thoughts on “How to Draw the Neck & Shoulders (Male)

  1. Kristian Feyisetan

    Could you do a full body male/female video (with clothes on) please? I apologise if you've already done one; if you have, I just haven't seen it. Great videos, by the way, you're my inspiration 🙂


    Hey, nice video ! Thank you for uploading your lessons! I appreciate it very much! Can you do a favour? Can you teach how to draw realistic female neck? 🙂

  3. Amber Hopkins

    This is the first time for me seeing a video of yours. I like your demonstration. =3

    Perhaps you've already done a video on things like these – I don't know – but I've been needing a little help with something.
    I never had much art practice or anything, though I've been drawing self-taught for years now and can draw well enough and also know the basic alignment of muscles, etc.

    The thing I'm really struggling with though is something I've encountered as my art style has evolved.
    This one particular character I'm drawing – a male – has a very specific look about him.

    I've burnt through countless sketches trying to get him how I can see him in my mind, but my hand continues to give me the result of a somewhat youthful pretty boy!

    This guy has a body shape that's toned, but not "I work out" toned. More "I have a demanding life and job" toned.
    He looks as though he's maybe thirty or so.
    He has a strong jaw and slightly concave cheeks.
    His face is a little long and framed by thick dark hair, and he has an almost permanent serious expression about him that creates lines around his narrow eyes.

    I'm not sure where in this description exactly I'm getting things wrong for me. Maybe it's a mixture of things, but I feel that it's maybe the jaw and cheeks as well as the stress lines on his face. Maybe it's even pinpointing that exact age in my drawing.
    Can you at all create a video on any of these kinds of things?

    My drawing doesn't look bad; it just doesn't look how I imagine him.

  4. Alli Carlson

    Mark, you make me laugh and you have taught me so much (including the first manga eye I was ever proud of- years ago! 🙂 I love your videos. Thank you for teaching so well! I've had problems drawing shoulders and this has helped. Hope to see more how-to's soon 😀

  5. doomdragon009

    thanks for the video tutorial. this really helped me. off to college soon and trying to work up a portfolio and work on my drawing forms etc. You have great tutorials, although the tutorials may be a bit old, its still helpful.

  6. narusasu

    My artist friend was showing me a neck muscle diagram the other day and telling me to re-draw my illustration I showed him, lol. He was still unsatisfied with my work and so here I am on your video, seeing you reference back to a very similar neck muscle diagram he showed me. T : Starting over from the basics makes me a sad panda.

  7. Serenity Shaymin Studios

    +markcrilley What do you use to measure? Also, do you have a video on doing character sizing? Or how to draw the chest of a female? I struggle on both, and I'm wondering if you have videos on them.

  8. Vin Mediana

    amazing i'm not totally good of art but i like to draw….like that
    i will practice all the time…hehehe… i hope i draw same like that very nice….

  9. Abdullah Amjad

    MARK SIR can u please tell how to draw a manga anime body(MALE/FEMALE) with Line placement like circles and stuff like you do with face WOULD Appreciate your help……………. ONE more THing I learned SO much from your artwork i can call myself an artist and its all because of you……… Thank you

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