How to Draw Curls – How to Draw Realistic Hair

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27 thoughts on “How to Draw Curls – How to Draw Realistic Hair

  1. Fabby 10can

    Hola Leonardo felicitaciones por tus trabajos. Hay algo que se le pueda echar luego de haber  terminado tu dibujo para conservarlo ? ya ves que cuando uno cierra su libro, el lápiz se pasa para la pagina del frente y con el tiempo este se va aclarando por no decir borrando, quizá un tipo de spray? o barniz especial para este tipo de arte? gracias anticipadas por tu respuesta. Fabby

  2. Braenna Nightingale-Mann

    I love to draw and when I was a tiny todlar I drew skribbles and showed them to my mum and dad, (somehow I had a perfect idea of what they were) mum and dad seemed so exited and pleased about my drawings that I eventually believed what they said about my drawings being great, I think that now my belief is turning into a fact and I am constantly learning and expanding my drawing skills. now every child I see from a young age are so enthusiastic about being creative. I think we are born with the potential to be soooooo creative and that should be loved as part of us. so go be creative!

  3. gatt be

    Although I will never be an artist, thanks to your tutorials, I can now draw fun sketches and interesting faces. thank you so very much for teaching me. May many blessings be yours. A fan and admirer, Bill

  4. Rebecca Malamud

    I love your drawings and you're so talented! I'm a self-taught artist and I'm still a total amateur, haha! Anyway, I admire your drawing skills and you're so amazing, and plus, I love your accent! <3 xx 🙂

  5. magipanda240

    I'm sitting here drawing and I wanted to draw curls and I look it up I find this and I felt like I will never be good I thought I was good for a twelve year old now in like uhhh nevermind but you oh my god fantastic!

  6. Christine Robinson

    Wow wow wow you are an amazing Artist and for all i cam draw ok,just started again last year after years of not drawing,was biusy bringing up my wonderful kids,it was in fact my daughter who got me interested again by buying me a book on Astronomy drawings as i have delved into basic astronomy and it has ignited my passion once again in drawing and now i want to improve and draw better realistically and with the help of your wonderful tutorials i should get better so thank you 🙂

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