How to Draw Dynamic Hands

Hey everybody, this is my guide to drawing hands. I’m just gonna show you what techniques I use… Hopefully it helps. Here’s a link to my old hand tutorial: …

49 thoughts on “How to Draw Dynamic Hands

  1. NotSoBrokenHearted

    how do I go about drawing a hand where most of it is hidden while it's resting on their hip? I can't seem to get the hand positioned correctly and it's driving me insane because it ends just looking like a tiny hand.

  2. Crimsonknightduke Digimongirl

    I don't think there is one correct way. I watch a lot of drawing tutorials and everyone draws pretty much extremely different. I tend to change how i draw when i feel it necessary. U shouldn't worry about someone saying that not how u draw this or that because I've seen so much different methods i really wouldn't bother with it. Thats like saying there only one way to sketch something, and everyone uses it when clearly not. By the way ur awesome sycra. U helped me a lot. Like the coil technique and that lightingbolt helps too. Thx greatly. I want the coil technique vid and when from flat and the same type of pose to a more dynamic drawings.
    After i discovered u, proko, mikeymegamega ive been getting better thx

  3. Arctic Wolf

    no no its ok i only need a bit of help to get how to draw hands then i can take a step further and try to create my own way of making hands you know i just need a little push up the mountain?

  4. Hyato_ Sama

    Thank you so much that was really helpful(╹◡╹)♡ ,
    when you do it it's seems like too easy but when I actually do It…wow what is this Shape XD

  5. Zoie Folsom

    the stuff this guy draws in 5 seconds is as good as me working on something in 5 hours. also i think i am a man because my ring finger is longer than my pointer finger lol

  6. Miles Christopher Smiles

    Thank you Sycra ! I can't say I've learned anything particularly new. BUT still my hand drawing improved because, I've been using this exact method for a while now, and gained confidence in using it after seing you also use it. So I can't thank you enough for making this video 😀

  7. That Guy

    Thank you so much for this. I've been looking all over for a good hand tutorial. All of them seem good like Proko's and other drawing books by people like Andrew Loomis. But as you said it's a guideline and what they say makes sense to me but I just have lots of trouble putting it into practice. I think doing it over and over is great because at the very least, you're getting more comfortable drawing a basic shape or outline of the hand which can stack up to hundreds at the end of the day. Whereas when using photo reference I'm sitting there a long time analyzing.

  8. PerfectKamui ™

    My main problem is linking fingers together to fit in the hand shape

    Every finger is good in it's own, but when I see the hand as a whole it's kind of not human-like

    Trying to work on that D:

  9. Zimi Draws

    07:17 Every girl/woman I know (including me and my mom) have longer ring fingers + my brother. My dad's are equal. As I know, some people have longer ring/pointing fingers and some of them are equal.

  10. Abstract Top Hat

    So, heh, your ring finger length is determined by testosterone level so it should be longer than your pointing finger, right? Well, uh… heh, my ring finger is shorter than my pointer finger, and I'm a guy. Wooooooo for really low testosterone levels!


    I like slender fingers but i got short sausages so I cringe when people say use your hand to reference. However. STORY TIME:

    In art class my teacher assigned us to draw our hands. I did. She called me and was explaining how the thumb by natural design ends in the middle of the first and second knuckle – mine was short that i drew (ending at the start of the first knuckle). She asked me to look at my hand in front of her and I did – only to discover my thumb was exactly as I drew it. She stopped talking and stared at it. I asked for extra points because I drew what I saw and was rejected hahahahaha Told I should learn what is right hahahahaa

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