Tutorial 02 : How to draw an EYE (Part I)

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43 thoughts on “Tutorial 02 : How to draw an EYE (Part I)

  1. EIOL342

    She can, it's using a tablet, which is basically using a special pen on a surface, it's harder than with normal traditional mediums because you have to look away from what your hand is doing.

  2. EIOL342

    Go fuck yourself 🙂
    This is art, go get a 500 pound tablet, go try and do this from scratch. It's not easy, in other forms it's harder. It's not "easier" as you may think. I've done it, I went from traditional to digital thinking it was easy. It's not.
    Go and do your research before you talk shit. Bye!

  3. EIOL342

    Digital drawing. God, look up on art for God's sake.
    Paper, pencil, canvas, paints, chalks, oil, whatever the medium is called TRADITIONAL.
    This is called DIGITAL. And no, it's not MS paint, it's photoshop. It's in some forms harder than traditional.

  4. EIOL342

    Lol says you who can't even use the proper terms. It is called "traditional artist."

    This is a great form of art, digital paintings. It's technical and not at all easy.
    Go out, buy a tablet that costs 500 pounds or more, and try this from scratch.
    Or better yet, go fuck yourself. 🙂

  5. annatsukiya

    @StephanieValentin Do you know how to use Paint Tool SAI ?? I really want to see realistic art using SAI in your tutorial… becoz' i'm not used to Photoshop… If you do, that would be great !! ~_~

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