How to write and draw comics! Episode 1 of 10

How to write and draw comics! Writer/artist Palle Schmidt takes you through the basics of making comics, from story idea to finished pages. In this first of ten episodes, you will learn how to structure and plan ahead, so your story doesn’t end up in the ditch.

For more on story, sketching, inking, coloring and everything else you ever wanted to know about making comics, sign up for the full course at

28 thoughts on “How to write and draw comics! Episode 1 of 10

  1. Sam Farrow

    Really great tutorial! Personally speaking, I've always been a visual kind of person at heart. When I start creating a comic, I'd draw numerous ideas as much as I can to get the whole idea of the what the story's about, before moving on to the writing stage. But that's my method. Keep up with the good work! 😁👍

  2. RyanMelroseComics

    very awesome and helpful tips thanks man always awesome to meet another comic creator i have lots of comics on my channel I love doing it anyways again thanks for the video I'm gonna share your video like and subscribe to your channel feel free to check out my work sometime take care my friend

  3. The Crimson Emo

    Hi, sorry I just signed up for a premium membership on your site but none of the videos are working at all.
    The only videos I'm able to access are the free ones you put on your youtube account. Nothing else seems to work.

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