Top 5 Touhou Doujin Work #4 (Dolls MVP Here Baby!)

From dieting, to talking dolls, and adamantium Chen. Hello, Magi here and welcome back to another episode of Top 5 Touhou doujin works. Hopefully you guys find something new to read and enjoy as well. Like anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this video and can’t wait to see you guys at the next episode.

Links to the Doujin:

Yukari’s Diet Journal:


Wonderful Mine Treasure:



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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Touhou Doujin Work #4 (Dolls MVP Here Baby!)

  1. CannedPsycho

    Here are two more doujins you might like to check out:
    Touhou Shiki Family: Follow Letty(youngest) the Aki sisters(often said to be one person), Yuuka(second daughter), Lily white(oldest daughter), Eiki Shiki(father), and Komachi(mother) through their lives

    Cafe Myouren temple: Somebody decided that the Myouren temple would be nice as a cafe and, they have a new employee named Kyouko joining their ranks and serving customers.

  2. AdziPL

    IDK if you mentioned that one already, but "30". It's on Dynasty's page. That one is a parody of (mainly) " 300" movie. Can get pretty violent sometime, be warned.

    Your skills of reading romaji just doesn't seem to improve at all!

  3. spongebobfan78

    I've completely forgot the name, but the last one reminds me of a doujin manga that had Shanghai turned into a human accidentally by Alice spilling over Marisa's weird drink. It is short but a little tearjerker, or maybe because I am more of a softhearted guy.

  4. Erik Karver

    Yo nice lists i will be checking these out, as for doujin have you seen "Lotus Destiny" try it it's great, i also read a fanfic lately and it was pretty good, The Chords of Paradise, have you ever read it? and great video, love the effort in trying to pronounce those names..
    On an unrelated note have you seen the trailers of The Sealed Esoteric History, I can't wait.

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