How To Draw Christmas Stocking

Learn how to draw a Christmas stocking! Don’t forget to also add the presents and candy inside your stocking. ART SUPPLIES we love …

32 thoughts on “How To Draw Christmas Stocking

  1. Ninja Knight

    I just noticed how much better i am getting at drawing because of you guys. I just wanted to say that it means alot that you guys do this and inspire not just me but 885k people to draw and never give up. When you put my drawing in the artist on 5/15/2017 (the chibi L from death note) It made my day so much. I can't believe how much your channel grew and how much the channel is going to grow. Love you guys as always…….Ninja knight

  2. Jimmy Ho

    Christmas🎄 is comming soon I hope I saw 🎅 Claus flying around the sky that would be awesome! yeah ur drawing a pretty amazing ur father can be an artist and sell drawings for Millions and Millions of dollar best family 👪 hahahaha.

    and best to all of ur video nice boys all the best 😃

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