How to draw in the ‘My Hero Academia’ art style (Tutorial)

Wanna know how to draw in ANY style? Well, watch the video and find out ;D Boku no Hero Academia © Kōhei Horikoshi ———- Other places I dwell : My …

45 thoughts on “How to draw in the ‘My Hero Academia’ art style (Tutorial)

  1. Artisticookie

    Welp, I know I made a mistake with Iida's name in the video. Once I realized the mistake I made it was too late to change, unfortunately.

    But don't let that tiny fact stop you from enjoying the video ! 🙃

  2. SkeletoneHJJS

    So this anime has most likely got their idea from this movie is saw 4-5 years ago not saying they copied it because this anime looks much better then the movie (even though they copied it) but this might be the first anime I watch other then when I used to watch dragon ball and Pokemon

  3. Brave Grave

    You got to be kidding me, a My Hero Academia video and I used my All Might Pun already?!
    What would Deku do?!
    Oh, I know he would go watch All Might's Video!

  4. Sigbjørn Friis-Hansen

    i was hoping that maybe one time you could do a tutorial on drawing manga/ish stuff in general. like how to get the head right, where to position the eyes and hair. and another thing we'd all appreciate a lot was if you'd give us a tutorial on how your drawing program works 😀

    Awesome video, thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Monsters Rule

    Thank you this does help alot I still need to get a drawing tablet but everything you showed me is a big help I tried to doing it freestyle but I can never get the face right so thank you again that's very big help

  6. No Copyright Music

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  7. Ace 7299

    Question for anyone how excited are you for my hero acidamia season 3? Question for cookie crackture? Also I haven't finished season 2 yet so no spoilers thanks.

  8. Vilonik

    Great tutorial! Personaly I can't wait for season 3 of my hero academia. And do you watch it with english dub or english sub or do you know japanese?

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