Filthy Frank: Anime Opening 2


31 thoughts on “Filthy Frank: Anime Opening 2

  1. rnkn

    Thank you guys! It was a lot of hard work for a silly meme channel. But I love it and it was worth it. I don't quite know what the future holds for my channel yet, but I encourage anyone interested in my work to follow my social media accounts.


    And of course thanks to everyone involved in helping me make this 🙂

    I also made another collage of all the art featured in the video for a desktop background which you can download here

  2. Sebastian Michlieas

    Alright guys who am I? How dare you make fun of Naruto. This guy is making fun of all Naruto fans. Sorry I really can't say this with a straight face. I mean ever since I saw Double4anime's reaction I just can't stop laughing

  3. Gwynvid

    I really hate that the writer took an extended hiatus from writing the manga. The next arc was gonna be one of the most deep and meaningful in the whole series. Ive even heard a theory that they will reveal who Chinchin really was.

    Spoilers, don read:

    There was a leaked conversation between one of the manga´s editor with the autor about chinchin being pink guy from the future who traveled back in time after papa franku´s death. Now we wont even see that in probably a couple of years and its killing me!

    Hell, it was even beautifully foreshadowed in the first ever anime opening, when pink guy is cooking and spits eggs on the frying pan, you can see his eyes turning black for a moment and after that, he and chinchin (future pink guy) fighting. Maybe the whole reason chin chin is obssesed with pink guys is because he wants to stop his past self from causing the (indirect?) death of frank. If this is true, i would cry from the beautiful message this implies.

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