Kingdom OP – Pride by Nothing’s Carved in Stone

Well, CG disappointed me… Although this show is still pretty manly. Manly tears are absolute. My encoding is horrendous, forgive me. The video was only …

44 thoughts on “Kingdom OP – Pride by Nothing’s Carved in Stone

  1. Unleashed

    Ugh, why does this series have to tease you with the 2D animations? The CGI is horrendous, I really want to like this anime, but the way it's handled in the animation side of things is just terrible.

  2. ひぐらしのなく頃に


  3. Deadz5

    I like how shin slow gets comrades every time this opening runs. It really shows shins progress as time goes on. As for season 3, guess they are having a hard time with the coalition arc. xD

  4. Kυкι Urιe

    Kingdom Fans: "Where's Season 3?"
    Meanwhile, Vinland Saga Fans: "Where's Season 1?"

    (Kidding. It'd be nice to see another animated season of Kingdom. And an animated version of Vinland Saga… hopefully. Someday.)

  5. Sarah Yap

    Very good anime. The first season's animation is crappy, but the great story line makes up for the bad animation. Initially I tried watching ep 1 of season 1, 3 times, but the animation was such a put off…. but lately I tried to stick with it as I've heard good reviews about it… as soon as it passed the 3rd episode, couldn't stop watcing. The second season is much easier on the eye.

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