Bartender (Anime) – Episode 02 – “Menu of the Heart” (English Sub)

Miwa Kurushima comes to Eden Hall to ask Ryū to find her “Menu of the Heart.” As a child, she broke a bottle of alcohol intended to mend the rift between her …

40 thoughts on “Bartender (Anime) – Episode 02 – “Menu of the Heart” (English Sub)

  1. Peter Lemieux

    One of the most memorable single episodes of anime I have ever watched. It encapsulates the entire generational effects of the Japanese postwar reconstruction in just twenty minutes. And how sad that Miwa blamed herself for her family's issues for two decades.

  2. Lil Poro

    I feel some feels


  3. John Calvin

    This gets me right in the heart !….damn….the story is amazing…..can anyone recommend me any other story with a similar emotional impact in its story line please ? thank you !

  4. Amet Reubec

    did he just called Cointreau a curacao and not a triple sec?
    also how the hell do you drink a Nikolaschka? do you bite into the lemon? do it like tequila shot? help me out

  5. extraleague01

    Sasakura looks a bit too different from the manga and his personality is also somewhat different. I still like the whole Bartender manga and the anime is quite soothing.

  6. Syllaren

    don't pay attention to it. the manga is actually quite good and rather similar to the show…. tho imo the plot flows better in the manga, and the connections he makes appear deeper there.

  7. artyquet

    I have to say i love everything of this series….all the manga, the real action drama (staring arashi's aiba) and the anime was excellent. Some people may find it boring but trust me, the way they interpret the cocktails with the customer's problem was brilliant! Lots of thing can be learnt from this series eapecially about life and love

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