How to Draw a Barn Owl

Guest   December 22, 2017   29 Comments on How to Draw a Barn Owl

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29 thoughts on “How to Draw a Barn Owl

  1. Ella Douglas

    When i first started to draw this i was like, " OML!" Then later when i finished it i was like, "OML!!!!!" in a good way. When i got to school 2 days later, and gave it to my friend…. she was like, " AAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Its adorable!" (her fav animal is a barn owl) i told her i got it off the internet bec i don't know how to draw a barn owl even tho I'm amazing at drawing things. She loved the pic so i wanted to thank you for putting this video out on youtube!

  2. Jack Leatherland

    swan what ever your name is you are being dissrispecfall  so shut up and be kind this man works very hard on his work be kind you idiot because you coud get in very big troble  remember this man works very very hard on his work so shut up about your stupid coments and be kind and gratfull

  3. Lakshya :D

    dude i really like this video and helped me to draw,just hats off ,amazing work,hope your channel react 1 million soon looking forward to it and best of luck
    thanks you

  4. Phoenix Legacy

    i had to do an informational essay on barn owls and had 2 draw one and this got me an a+ mine turned out amazing id say the hardest part was the feathers or shading

  5. {{ItzSkye}} MSP

    I am had to draw this for my homework after having to do a comprehension on this my first attempt was not bad . my mum said I could look on YouTube for a tutorial on how to draw it and I saw this . The eyes I struggled on but I think it my drawing looks good so far

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