How to Draw a Unicorn Cake Easy

Learn how to draw a sweet, magical Unicorn cake step by step easy. This lovely cake is inspired by Rosanna Pansino’s Unicorn Cake that she made on her Nerdy Nummies show. Follow along, art…

48 thoughts on “How to Draw a Unicorn Cake Easy

  1. Madswan Cheeselover

    I drew this on my best friend's birthday card, thanks for teaching us so I could use it for my best friend's birthday card! I think you're all thinking the same thing as me: It took a while but it was worth it 🙂

  2. Bambi :3

    This is really good for me because my friend's birthday is coming up and its unicorn themed, and I decided to make this big piece of paper with loads of unicorns so thanks for uploading this, I also used one of your unicorn emoji tutorials and that was really helpful and so is this I love your channel oki bye imma go draw the unicorn cake!

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