How to Draw a Feather

Guest   December 29, 2017   21 Comments on How to Draw a Feather

How to draw a realistic feather. Step by step. Hi everyone! Here’s another tutorial video. Showing how to draw a realistic feather. I really hope this is helpful in some way. Please let me…

21 thoughts on “How to Draw a Feather

  1. Jeff C

    I don't understand how you can get HB lead to be so black. No matter how hard I press it does not look this dark. that almost looks like black color pencil or 5B or darker

  2. No-name Fish

    when i try to do the fluffiness and the lines on the feather it doesnt turn out like yours i am using a wodden pencil and i dont have a mechanical one. How can i fix it

  3. Turtle Queen

    In college taking art classes (i dont know why! haha) and drawing a close-up of a black feather. Had no idea where to start but this video really helped me, hopefully itll turn out!

  4. Kasia K

    I admire people who can draw like this. If I could choose any talent it would be drawing. Shame I don't have, but I'm learning, it is much better now.

  5. ToXic Dragon

    i just need to know the type of pencil you use oh and can you possibly make a vid on a dragons whole body ive been having trouble with the feet and the arms

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