Black Cat Anime Episode 5 Arabic Dub

Source: Space Power Channel Dubbed: مركز الزهرة للدبلجة *This Episode I Recorded from TV On Space Power Channel Info : Episode No #5 – Episode Title : “The Departing Cat…

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  1. souzey matt

    I Checked All The Sources and Waited For The Channel to Upload More but All Failed.. 
     .. They're Now More Arabic Dubs & Subs of The Black Cat Anime Video Eps On YouTube so,
    If You're Still Interested in Watching More of Black Cat Eps , I Recommend You to Watch From These Users
    ( +داني الشبح /

    ( +degui djaffer /


     You Can Upload Youtube Videos by Adding 'ss' In The Video URL Before 'youtube'

    I am Truly Sorry for Taking Much for All for who If did/did not wait 

  2. ben varım

    hey can you help me finding other episodes i'm trying to improve my arabic and for me the best way is animes which i enjoy very much, i tried to search in arabic but it's hard i'm too slow when it comes to checking up the whole page, thanks a lot.

  3. mustafa S. Hassan

    ممكن تنزل بقيه الحلقات
    وياريت من الحلقه الاولي لاني متابعتوش من البدايه
    والصراحه مجهودك راااااااائع

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