Another Anime Episode 1 to 12 English Subbed all


40 thoughts on “Another Anime Episode 1 to 12 English Subbed all

  1. Daredevil 21

    Tbh i hate blood when it comes to anime that's why i always skip the others anime who's the same as this one 😅 but they'll say that i need to conquer my fear so here i am watching this for the 1st time 😓 hope i'll finished watching this anime .

    Ps: i'm not scared in bloods when it comes to reality 😂 it's just the anime you say 😵😅and don't judge me i really love anime since when i was 6 until now i just hate bloody 😭

  2. zzSleepyKOzz

    Dispite the audio being so messed up…this was a great story…I enjoyed it … of the best animes I have followed in a while…..thank you for the upload!!!!

  3. No one Ever.

    I have just introduced myself to horror anime (I watched corpse party before this) and I have no idea what genre this is? It was in recommended and I'd heard of it before so…

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