Bartender (Anime) – Episode 09 – “The Bar’s Face” (English Sub – HD)

It is raining heavily in Ginza and Miwa is running towards Eden Hall to seek shelter from the storm only to find a “Reserved” sign posted on the front door. Seeing her puzzled look, a nearby…

19 thoughts on “Bartender (Anime) – Episode 09 – “The Bar’s Face” (English Sub – HD)

  1. Tachi Hyuuga

    Once a year i always watch a whole series of Bertender. I cry on almost every episode, but this one is perhabs the most moving one. Best anime ever. Just so touching.

  2. Bubba X

    so was the man dying or sick or something because i didnt understand what they ment by "He cant even tell the differnce of what he drinks anymore"

  3. Sarah Day

    Oh my god, my mom keeps a little bottle of Grand Marnier in the cupboard, all the time! I saw it come up, and recognized it right away!
    Don't know if I'll be lucky enough to see my Rum Chata in this anime, though.

  4. Jon Yodice

    it's a white dude wearing a lawyer costume and holding up two hand guns. It took me several minutes to pause there becasue youtube has to freeze up and take several seconds to load if you want to skim through videos now. It just doesn't buffer videos anymore the way it did before all these ridiculous google+ updates that a. no one ever wanted. and b. all the most-popular youtubers complain about

  5. Syllaren

    ….. it wasnt him saying smoking was good….. in fact they stated the message explicitly. one can never fully relive memories because things constantly change, so rather than desperately trying to reclaim the past you should look to the future….. your hate of tobacco has 0 relevance to the message they were giving.

  6. The Goldfish Pond

    I just want to point out there is subliminal messaging in this video. It's between 1:44-1:45 and there flashes an image of a man in a light colored suit holding up two handguns, a revolver in his right and what appears to be a glock in his left. It only flashes for a few milliseconds. Did anyone else catch that?

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