Airsoft Anime OP

Guest   January 10, 2018   39 Comments on Airsoft Anime OP

Anime opening for Airsoft I did awhile back at work. Some Youtubers include, Novritsch, House Gamer, BrainExploder, Storm, Dickbutt, and Jet (Bonus if you can name the rest). Also if you…

39 thoughts on “Airsoft Anime OP

  1. SurvivalGames49

    Have you ever watched an airsoft anime? They're fucking weird. They are either a giant Tokyo marui commercial or just a bunch of jiggling boobs… Not that there's anything wrong with that

  2. 暇人狙撃手

    That's good Video! But, this grammar is strange in this Japanese. They can not even tell the meaning to Japanese people. English is difficult for me, but Japanese is also complicated and difficult for you too.


  3. Fang K.

    Novritsch! Get in the Sniper Nest…or Fabi will have to snipe for us.
    cut to Fabi lying on a stretcher

    Holy fuck that's a good video.

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