UTS: Top 10 First Episodes in Anime (ft. MrNiesGuy)

Link to MrNiesGuy’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC214wO1H08beOq8oryQvv3w/videos The first episode is arguably the most important in a series’ run. It’s what hooks you into episode…

49 thoughts on “UTS: Top 10 First Episodes in Anime (ft. MrNiesGuy)

  1. Tusk

    should make a top 10 anime episodes most epic with lots of things happening without the feeling of having been rushed nor being too slow so really the best of the best like best battle of an entire series or so

    and vote for Overlord episode 3 its so well made and event packed that it feels like 13 episodes in one yet doesnt feel rushed out so if you can make a top 10 episodes of all time please

  2. Hououin Kyouma

    Love the Arkada cameo, but all three of yous is wrong. The absolute best fist episode ever, is that of Yu Yu Hakusho!
    Kidding mostly, it's obviously a subjective matter, but seriously, the fist episode of YYH had me crying like a toddler, and it's the only show of any kind that's ever made me cry within 20 minutes.

  3. MaskOfIce

    So with regard to the video as a whole, including the ending; the first episode is important because it convinces me a series is worth my time. The ending is important because it's my final impression that I continue to think about and reflect on after walking away. 9 times out of 10, any of my favorites have their strongest points being the beginning and end

  4. Code Blaze Fate

    I wonder if either of you have seen Macross Plus: Movie Edition. I haven't seen the OVA version, but I love the movie to death for a lot of the same reasons MrNiesGuy loves the OVA.

  5. Nelson Smith

    Seeing Macross Plus brought back a lot of memories. I was at my first Anime Expo, and a dealer had gotten hold of a first print of the first episode unsubbed and was playing it on a small portable television at his table. That episode fascinated everybody that walked by, and some of us watched it repeatedly. We couldn't buy it yet, but man we were primed! It did not disappoint.

  6. Unrighteous

    Ironically Death Parade's first episode made me drop the series lol. I found it pretty boring to be honest. I was introduced to 3 main characters, 2 of which would most likely never reappear, and the 3rd is emotionless. This is my personal taste though; I enjoy series' that have interesting and complex characters, and Death Parade doesn't have those (at least from what I could tell with the first episode). I could give it another shot, but if the first episode is the height of the series, then I'll have to pass.

    Edit: Plot and narrative are also important IMO. I like shows like Attack on Titan, simply because I think the plot is cool (amazing animated fight scenes help too). However, if Death parade introduced its plot in the first episode, I missed it. The show could have ended there without feeling cut-off IMO. Overall the show felt really gimmicky.

  7. Glotaku !

    You can't talk first episodes without talking Tokyo Ghoul. While the rest of the series dips dramatically in enjoyment and quality, episode 1 is probably the best first episode I've ever seen.

  8. Bjarki Kjartansson

    If anime ever becomes its own company and starts to make movies and tv series under that name, I hope Arkada makes a cameo in every single one like he did now (similar to how Stan Lee always appears in every Marvel movie).

  9. Li

    +Under The Scope Reviews

    What no mention of Space Battleship Yamato and Yamato 2199's intro episodes? Those were amazing intros.

  10. Medic-chan

    Video about first episodes. Shows clips of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I, instead of The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina. Achronological broadcast order was a huge deal for that show. And using a film made by the club as the opener was incredibly unique and served to introduce all the characters and summarize the series in a unique way. I can understand wanting to include the chronologically first episode as well, but not at the expense of the episode aired first at the studio's discretion, rather than the light novels. There's a reason why "Best Adaptation" doesn't go to the writer of the original work.

  11. CummingNico

    Gakkougurashi's first episode is shit though. if you're not a filthy secondary and knew of the twist ahead of time then you're just waiting around, and as a moe show it was a dull "chase the dog" episode.

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