Congruent Angles Anime OP

Math tutorials are the best anime. Re:Zero and Attack on Titan is nothing compared to this. filler vid An Evangelion Opening Parody BGM: A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion OP)…

11 thoughts on “Congruent Angles Anime OP

  1. Peri Rana

    Like an angle who has forsaken symmetry… rise up, young line, and make yourself a circle!
    Students and impatient kids
    are trying to find out your many degrees;
    But you're just sitting there, as if to mock me,
    You just lay before me a mystery!
    Your x is so hard to find,
    You're blind to the pain that you have come to cause
    But it just pushes us,
    To solve for that y,
    And the prof' shows us without saying how!
    But someday I know that they'll be educated
    And their eyes will finally see!
    The graph on the board is just waiting to show them
    The answer will at last be seen!
    This cruel equation, a lazy teacher's trickery
    Will soon turn you to work on history,
    Pure confusion, I now tell you verily,
    Remember this and don't attempt discovery!
    Rise up, student, you must embrace your many faults,
    Come on, accept it, you're simply a failure!

    (by David Sun {Youtube})

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